Tenrox Project Management for Salesforce.com

Advanced Integration of project management and CRM reaching new levels of Visibility and Synchronization

Tenrox Quick Connect Technology for Salesforce.com is the innovative integration of two segment-leading solutions to offer unprecedented visibility for organizations that want comprehensive tracking of their customer engagements from prospects to opportunities, project demand, forecasting through to service delivery/project completion.

With Tenrox Cloud PSA and our Salesforce.com Quick Connect technology, Salesforce users can get a best of breed, cloud-based project management software that simplifies, automates and streamlines project and service delivery.

With Tenrox Quick Connect to Salesforce.com, you get:

  • New levels of efficiency, automation and ease of use into tracking and managing the sales and project/service lifecycle.
  • A complete, 360-degree, real-time view of project demand, resource capacity and utilization as well as project progress.
  • It’s great for demand management, forecasting and scheduling clients throughout the sales and project pipelines.

Benefits for the Entire Organization:

Your sales teams get access to up-to-the-minute information on customer projects, including key milestones achieved, project cost, billing and status information directly from Salesforce.

Your project/service delivery team gains visibility into the sales pipeline so that they can better forecast and book resources, plan projects, project start dates, understand what skills and deliverables are required for upcoming projects and can expect a streamlined hand-off process from sales to project launch.

Your executive team will have a consolidated dashboard view of your sales funnel and project/service delivery forecasts, as well as the status and health of your customer projects/engagements including detailed financial analysis of cost, billing, budget and status information. go to www.tenrox.com for more information.

Overview of Tenrox Cloud, Salesforce.com Collaboration

With Tenrox’s Quick Connect Technology there are no limits to the types of data that can be mapped, sent to and retrieved from Salesforce.com.

Tenrox Quick Connect for Salesforce.com is a leap forward in integration technology and offers a number of notable features, these include:

  • A simplified, user controlled configuration process. This results in streamlined implementation, updates and upgrades (since no coding or alteration of the core framework is required) and allows users to easily tailor the Tenrox Salesforce.com connector processes to their specific needs.
  • In addition to KPIs, Salesforce.com queries can obtain data such as available resources, bookings, work types, tasks, project updates, invoice information and expense details—data that can be easily shared and exchanged with Tenrox project workforce management functions.
  • Dynamic mapping – If a Tenrox project already exists, associated data from Salesforce.com is automatically added to those records. Otherwise a new project is automatically created. This eliminates duplicate entries and ensures all billing, tracking and other project data are correctly assigned. You can choose and change the field mappings at any time.
  • Expanded automated rules for project creation – Tenrox projects can be automatically established from opportunities or any other Salesforce.com object such as cases or custom entities. Based on user-specified rules, Tenrox identifies the events or mileposts that trigger project creation. Associated items, such as a contract details, Statement of Work (SOW) and billing events and milestones related to  for technical support or other product and service offerings, are also imported for appropriate resource scheduling, invoicing or other post-sale project activities.
  • Stored procedures – User created scripts establish procedures to automatically process incoming data to Tenrox, such as expense entries, resource scheduling, project templates and billing rules.
  • Streamlined logs – Static reports show only the latest, most current status of each updated project. Streamlined logs make statements easier to read and enable administrators to identify issues requiring attention more quickly.
  • Trigger for deletion – Users can establish rules to automatically delete projects that are cancelled or fail to reach completion in either the sales or project pipeline.
  • Error notification – Administrators can create schedules to automatically identify and receive an email report of errors related to Salesforce.com and Tenrox data exchange, project status tracking, or a full range of project events and activities.