Make the Right Decisions with Reliable Information from Timesheet

Timesheet is easy to use and simple to configure. Our cloud time management solution automates your project time tracking, time and attendance, time and labor for payroll, project costing, and client billing. It also offers real-time dashboards and reports so you can instantly see all project time, cost and billing information, execute and bill projects faster, make more informed decisions, reduce project time tracking, time and attendance, expense reporting overhead and administrative costs.

Benefits of Timesheet

  • Powerful time and billing software system for timesheet management, expense reporting, project costing & budgeting, and client billing & invoicing
  • Easy to use T&E expense reporting
  • Simple, intuitive and easy to configure time and attendance system for payroll and project costing

Professional Services Automation Timesheet Tracking

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You can manage and view both process and financial impact in real-time. Tenrox’s Timesheet empowers the project workforce by giving them the tools and solutions they need to get information to you faster, for proactive decision making.

Timesheet is comprised of four modules that can be deployed in a phased manner, to meet your team or organization’s growing needs:

    • Time Management
      Our configurable project time, leave time, and overtime tracking system allows you to effectively collect, manage and track timesheets based on your work policy and requirements.


    • Expense Management
      Our configurable T&E expense report tracking software allows you to effectively collect, manage and track expense reports based on your requirements.


    • Project Costing & Budgeting
      Automate your entire project costing, budgeting and chargeback process with Timesheet’s Project Costing & Budgeting module. It provides accurate chargeback reports for instant cost visibility so you can recover project costs, fairly charge back other departments for accessing your services, measure shared resource consumption and justify your future budget requests.


    • Billing & Invoicing
      Timesheet’s Billing & Invoicing module has been designed to automate your entire time and billing and revenue reporting process. With certified connections to your CRM and accounting system, an opportunity in CRM becomes a project in Timesheet where it is planned, budgeted, tracked and billed. Detailed or summary project cost and billing information is then posted to your financial system’s accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger modules. Dashboards, reports and notifications provide instant status updates and improve collaboration with your sales, delivery and accounting teams.


No matter which module or modules you choose, Tenrox offers a graphical workflow engine, Real-time reporting and a Quick Connect Integration platform

  • All Tenrox project workforce processes are driven by an underlying Graphical Workflow Engine that provides a graphical representation of your work processes to simplify workflow design, configuration, change management and self-service. The graphical workflow interface enables you to visually define, control, track and audit approvals, routing, role-based assignments and notifications. This significantly facilitates compliance and encourages team collaboration, participation and process standardization.
  • Our Quick Connect Integration Platform enables the seamless and easy-to-configure integrations between Tenrox and any leading third party accounting, ERP, payroll, project planning, and CRM software package. Projects often have a direct impact on top-line revenue, so the ability to share information with other systems is critical to the enterprise. The Quick Connect integration platform will allow clients to help easily generate bi-directional connectors that will simplify and improve the data exchange between Tenrox and any 3rd party system.
  • Tenrox offers Real-Time Visibility with built-in project management software analytics and insightful information, mapped to your business structures for better global views, more informed decisions, in real-time.

Manage your projects on-premise or on-demand

Without requiring a rip and replace strategy, Tenrox project management software fully leverages the Microsoft technology stack to facilitate your adoption of a cloud-based project management system. The Tenrox solution provides built-in project controls, data quality/consistency at point of entry, real-time analytics and live integration capabilities. Key features include: capacity planning, project planning, enterprise timesheet management, expense reporting (multi-currency, credit import, cash advance management and more), full project cost reporting, budgeting, graphical workflow for approval, change and issue tracking, OLAP, standard and ad-hoc reporting using Microsoft reporting technology, role-based dashboards, as well as simple data exchange tools and interfaces.