Project Management Module

Manage your projects from bid to bill to close.

View the state of each project in relation to the service delivery lifecycle. Significantly improve on-time and on-budget project delivery. Easily manage, update and report on projects using powerful dashboard analytics. Get real time feedback from the project team on billable and non-billable effort, issues and percent complete.

Key project management module features include:

  • Real-time dashboards to view project status and health
  • Project Templates for quick project creation
  • Roll up reporting by Practice Area and Business Unit
  • Notification of potential budget overruns
  • Visibility into upcoming Milestones and key delivery dates
  • Detailed Project Scheduling with Gantt Views
  • Project or Task level Resource Allocation
  • Workflows for managing service delivery lifecycle
  • Collaborate with project team on issues
  • Easily opens MS Project plans

The Tenrox Project Management module has 3 key components: Project Planning, Project Workflows and Process Management

Project Planning

With Tenrox Project Planning, you can create, change and share your project plans faster and easier than ever before.  Tenrox Project Planning looks just like Microsoft Project, only simpler. It is designed as an alternative to large complex planning tools and totally eliminates the need to install and manage hard to understand, hard to implement and hard to maintain project planning tools.

Tenrox Project Planning software benefits:

  • Easy to use; a project planning tool that intentionally lacks any complex features
  • Quick implementation; light project planning software that takes a fraction of the time to setup
  • Fully integration with Tenrox Resource Management and Timesheet modules
  • Project plans are easily interchangeable with Microsoft Project files

Tenrox Project Planning displays the project work breakdown structure including task dependencies, scheduling constraints, duration of each task and percent complete. Gantt charts help project teams visualize and understand the project’s major activities, milestones, and current status.

Process Management

Tenrox Process Management is a complete solution that helps standardize, track and audit your work and project related processes.

The unique Tenrox graphical workflow platform depicts your work processes visually. Authorized process managers can “drag and drop” icons to design, configure, and change workflows at any stage in the cycle of managing work. From issue tracking, to managing change requests and approvals; Tenrox work process management software easily adapts to your processes and works the way you run your business.

Numerous project process templates are available right out of the box. You can adapt each process to fit your organizations unique requirements using our graphical workflow and form designer, or leverage the precanned templates which are all based on industry standards based on PMI best practices.

The following is a sampling of the work processes that can be modeled, managed and audited with Tenrox Process Management:

  • Project Management
    • Issue tracking
    • Risk assessment
    • Scope Change
  • Professional Services
    • Contract change approval
    • Milestone completion approval
  • Product Development
    • Design change request
    • Budget approval request
    • Project review
  • HR
    • Leave/vacation request
    • New skill/certification update

Project Workflows

Project Workflows integrate the entire project and service delivery lifecycle. Track your projects from the opportunity stage, through quotation, execution, billing and close.

Numerous project lifecycle workflow templates are available out of the box based on industry best practices. Create or edit project workflows using our graphical workflow engine.

Match each project with the appropriate workflow based on project type, complexity, approval requirements or business focus.

Project Management Module - PSA Solutions