Gain Real-Time Insight into Utilization and Project Cost Information using a Professional Services Automation Time and Expense Module.

Without enterprise timesheet management and expense reporting software your project-based business cannot effectively account for project costs, track budget versus actual, and analyze real-time reliable project time and cost information to make timely and sound business decisions.

If any of the below scenarios ring true, your organization will benefit from Tenrox Project Workforce Management’s Time & Expense capabilities:

  • Time sheets and expense reports are captured in multiple disconnected systems: Using spreadsheets or multiple disparate tools to track time and expense leads to inefficiencies and poor project status and cost/revenue visibility, leaving management without access to real-time information to measure progress and make informed decisions. At the same time, project resources often are forced to waste valuable time on “spreadsheet gymnastics,”  having to make tedious manual adjustments to compile and merge data.
  • You rely on out-dated or in-house time tracking and expense reporting software: Legacy-outdated time tracking and expense reporting systems have high maintenance costs, ongoing fix and enhancement tasks, and divert precious internal resources as well as attention away from the organization’s core business.
  • You suffer from a lack of effective internal controls for timesheet management and expense reporting: Weak internal controls for time sheet and expense report tracking can lead to non-compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, inaccurate cost accounting or violation of employment laws; your business may face severe penalties and lose investor confidence when such weaknesses are discovered.

In contrast to manual or legacy systems, Tenrox Project Workforce Management’s Time and Expense allows you to effectively collect, manage and track timesheets and expense reports based on your requirements.

The Time & Expense module includes the following three components: Leave Time, Review & Approval, Multi-Tax/Multi-Currency

Leave Time Management:

Features of the Leave Time Management component include:

  • A Timesheet Designer that lets you configure timesheets that fit the way you do business
  • Seniority based leave time management let you define your rules for leave time accrual and usage; you can also auto import/export leave time banks to/from your payroll system and let Tenrox validate leave requests at the point of entry
  • Full support for overtime calculation

Tenrox PWM provides a powerful yet intuitive system for capturing time and expense data.
Professional Services Automation Time and Expense Module

Review & Approval

  • Visual workflow-driven configuration makes setup and change easy
  • Approval workflow simplifies and automates policy enforcement
  • Line item approval
  • Easy to configure dashboards and extensive reports for financial analysis
  • Full DCAA compliance support including day locking, enforce note entry for changes, and auditing of all data entry, changes and approval


  • Import credit card transactions and create an expense report automatically
  • Attach scanned receipts to individual expense entries or the expense report
  • Full multi-currency, real-time currency conversion and multiple-tax support
  • Track expenses by category
  • Mark expenses that are billable, capitalized or to be reimbursed
  • Full cash advance management
  • Built-in integration to account payable, account receivable, general ledger systems of all major accounting systems

Powerful, Configurable, and Intuitive

Tenrox’s Time & Expense Tracking module provides a simple, intuitive user interface that is designed for maximum usability and rapid adoption:

Other Highlights of the Tenrox Time & Expense module:

  • Enter time and expense using the Tenrox mobile application for iPhone and Android or on your laptop using the Tenrox offline time and expense application
  • Fully web based time and expense tracking solution takes maximum advantage of the Microsoft technology stack and can be deployed on-premise or on-demand
  • Timesheet designer technology lets you configure timesheets, for every department, to look and function the way you do business
  • Our visual workflow-driven configuration makes setup and change easy, so you can quickly simplify your approval workflows and automate policy enforcement.
  • Easy to configure dashboards and extensive reports improve financial visibility and analysis.