The Professional Services Automation Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

At Upland Software, we know that one of the most insightful strategies for understanding and connecting with our customer is the Customer Advisory Board (CAB). No one knows our customer’s needs better than them, and we invest in this feedback mechanism because we are committed to our customer’s success.

This exclusive membership provides customers and their organizations the opportunity to extend value and drive influence for the direction of the Tenrox Product Line. Additionally, the CAB provides customers the opportunity to share experiences, best practices and ideas with other customers as they help shape the future.

Who are Tenrox Advisors?

Our CAB is a strategic group of customers. We use “strategic” to separate the format from “user groups,” “focus groups” or feel-good promotional groups. By “strategic,” we mean that real work occurs and that these groups are enduring and consistent. The Tenrox CAB offers significant value-add to our client relationships and promotes mutual learning.

The Tenrox CAB reflects the diverse make-up of our client base. Other than the diversity, we invite customers that have a genuine willingness and interest in openly sharing experiences with Tenrox that will help advance the offering.

Our Advisors include professionals who understand how Tenrox is currently used in their organizations and how they would like to use it in the future. This includes new modules, enhanced features, integrations and even services.

How does the Customer Advisory Board work?

Customers are asked to participate in round-table discussions, review product planning materials, communicate directly with product team members and executives, and share valuable advice and business tips.

Advisors do real work and enhance real learning in the CAB. Most successful people like our advisors have full plates — so we want to make sure they are involved with making a real difference. Tenrox regularly communicates to the CAB what we learned, and what we are and will be doing.

Our Advisors are invited to participate in virtual and in person events to share information and provide guidance. The CAB meets twice a year with at least one face to face event per year. There is also an additional opportunity to meet during the Upland User Conference.