Recording: Governance and Security Briefing

Featured Speaker:
Eric Demers, Senior Solution Consultant, Upland Software

In this webinar Eric shares information on compliance and security as it relates to automation software.

Webinar topics include:

  • Governance: The role of the PMO vs.the role of finance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance
  • Project Lifecycle: From pipeline forecasting to closing cycles
  • Project Status Reporting
  • Security: It’s more than just sensitive data – it’s also about convenience!
  • No Fail Audits
  • DCAA & others

Recording: Services Executive & CFO Alignment

Featured Speakers:
Carey Bettencourt, Managing Partner at Propelus and PSVillage Advisory Board Member
Eric Demers, Senior Solution Consultant, Upland Software

In this webinar Carey shares her thoughts and experiences on the importance of PS executives and CFOs not only developing a trusted working relationship, but also stepping out of their respective functional silos to collaboratively help guide the company’s strategy and vision and drive profitable growth.

Webinar topics include:

  • Establish a trusted PS executive / CFO working relationship
  • Collaborate on growth strategies, seize opportunities, measure results
  • Allocate resources to support profitable growth
  • Leverage finance team’s capabilities and insights to increase value to company
  • Optimize processes, invest in technology, automate processes, repeat

Tenrox Summer Fun with Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Featured Speakers:
Eric Demers, Senior Solution Consultant, Upland Software
Aidin Mohsenin, Tenrox Practice Director

In this webinar we discuss using your time this summer to identify new ways of improving the professional services organization (PSO) through better automation. The challenge for many organizations is finding the time to invest in improvements of their professional services methodologies and tools.

  • The solution: take baby steps…
  • The right time to start: was yesterday…
  • The second best time to start: now – also because it’s summer and there might be less work!
  • How to get up and running quickly with PSA basics, focusing on time and billing
  • Learn how to:

Find the low-hanging fruit for quick wins without compromising the future
Gain visibility and understand the who-what-when
Think about how your methodologies and tools can be extended to reap new benefits

The Benefits of Integrating Professional Services Automation and Travel Expense Management
Concur and Tenrox Integration – A Great Combination

Featured Speakers:
Kevin Sequeira, General Manager and Director of Product Management, Tenrox
Eric Demers, Senior Solution Consultant, Upland Software

Professional Service Organizations (PSO’s) are always seeking new ways to increase efficiency, become more productive and to reduce redundancies and errors. Integrating systems such as Tenrox and Concur, is a great opportunity to accomplish these objectives. Organizations using Concur for travel & expense management (TEM) and are looking for a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution for their services team, are a perfect match for such an integration.

Who benefits from this integration?

  • Organizations who currently use Concur as their corporate tool for expense management, but also want to track project-related expenses separately, can do so by integrating with Tenrox PSA. Tenrox PSA tracks project-related work, while Concur is the book of record for expenses. Tenrox PSA funnels all project-related expenses, and reports on related costs & revenues.
  • Organizations using Tenrox PSA looking for a more comprehensive TEM system will find it by integrating with Concur.
  • Quick and easy integration. For organizations who already use Concur for TEM and Tenrox for PSA, the connector is a quick and easy way to integrate both systems.

Join us for this 1 hour webinar as we take you through the benefits of integrating Tenrox PSA and Concur TEM solutions. Webinar topics are:

  • Having a seamless integration in the Cloud between expense tracking and PSA
  • How to get increased visibility into all of the project financials
  • How to eliminate double data entry
  • Reducing administrative time spent collecting billable information
  • How to create a single invoice for time & expenses

56 minutes

How Great Technology Professional Service Companies Manage Headwinds and Excel

Earn 1 PDU Credit

Featured Speakers:
R. David Hofferberth, P.E., Managing Director, Service Performance Insight
Kerry Stover, Chief Operating Officer, Pariveda Solutions
Blake Bisson, Director of Product Marketing, Tenrox

The market is heating up in technology professional services, but all is not smooth sailing going forward. Increased competition, lower levels of client and employee satisfaction, and other factors could derail progress. Join Service Performance Insight Founder and Managing Director, Dave Hofferberth, as he discusses how leading technology professional services organizations overcome market conditions and thrive as others fail. Dave will share insights gained from SPI’s 2015 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark study to show:

  • Technology services market conditions and areas you should monitor closely
  • What leading firms do to improve
  • How Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions drive organizational performance and profit
  • Joining Dave will be Kerry Stover, COO from Pariveda, one of SPI’s 2015 Best-of-the-Best firms, as he shares his insights on how SPI’s Benchmark and Tenrox PSA has helped his organization achieve record performance and in developing their people to reach their fullest potential.
  • There will also be a short overview on Upland Software and Tenrox during the webinar.

56 minutes

Always Know What Done Looks Like

Strategies for Keeping your Team Focused on the End Game

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Featured Speakers:
Shane Anastasi, VP, & PSVillage Advisory Board Member
Kevin Sequeira, Tenrox
Eric Demers, Tenrox

In the complex business of professional services, it is sometimes more productive for us to get back to fundamental basics. Shane Anastasi, Vice President at, has made a career of turning around complex professional services businesses. In his recently published book, The Seven Principles of Professional Services, he notes that teaching consultants the basics of professional service delivery is one of the keys to an organization’s success.

Join Shane as he dives deeper into one of the principles, “Always Know What Done Looks Like”, and as he explains how adopting it can help executives improve their team’s performance. Teaching teams how to stay focused on the “end game” is a key tactic for developing productive and successful professional services teams.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why “Done” is a key professional services principle and how it leads to greater field productivity
  • The relationship between expertise and Done
  • The value of teaching consultants about contracts
  • The role of baseline and change management in managing Done
  • The value of leveraging acceptance to keep customers focused on Done

59 minutes

Crawl, Walk, Run with your PSA Solution

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Featured Speakers:
Kevin Sequeira, Tenrox
Marlon Arevian, Tenrox

Join us as Kevin Sequeira, General Manager and Product Management Director for Tenrox and  Marlon Arevian, Sr. Solution Consultant for Tenrox discuss the benefits of automating your Professional Services Automation solution in a phased manner. We show you how to crawl into the most basic PSA processes such as deploying time tracking, expense management and billing, to walking with more sophisticated processes such as resource management and project planning, to finally moving on to the most advanced PSA processes such as revenue recognition, WIP, and workflows.

58 minutes

How the Best Software Service Organizations can make more money and improve profitability while increasing performance and client satisfaction

Featured Speakers:

R. David Hofferberth, P.E., Service Performance Insight Managing Director
Kevin Sequeira, Tenrox
Marlon Arevian, Tenrox

Embedded services organizations within the highly popular and rapidly growing software (and software-as-a-service) providers are growing at a record pace as the industry changes. Competition both locally and globally has put an increased emphasis on speed, cost and quality. Technology-savvy already, many of these organizations have turned to Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions to automate core processes and deliver project-based work more efficiently and effectively. Join Service Performance Insight (SPI Research) founder and Managing Director Dave Hofferberth as he discusses the findings of SPI’s most recent annual benchmark survey to shed light on how embedded solution providers can improve performance to gain a competitive advantage in this rapidly growing market.

60 minutes

PSVillage Mobile: Working Effectively with Virtual Teams, How Services Leaders Leverage Tools and Techniques

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Irene Lefton, Services Executive and PSVillage Advisory Board MemberIn today’s global business environment it’s a given that Professional Services and Customer Success leaders will manage virtual teams. Virtual teams present particular challenges, but there are tools and techniques you can apply to mitigate this complexity and turn a virtual team into your advantage.Join Irene Lefton, Services Executive and PSVillage Advisory Board Member, as she shares valuable lessons and firsthand experience in managing virtual teams in a global mobile world. In this webinar you will learn:• How your virtual team is different than you think
• Techniques to lead effectively from a distance
• How to best leverage tools and mobile features
• How to use virtual teams to your advantage

60 minutes

A Strategic Approach to Resource Management

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Featured Speakers:

Andy Jordan,
Kevin Sequeira, Tenrox
Marlon Arevian, Tenrox

If evidence is anything to go by, Resource Management is incredibly difficult.  It doesn’t seem to matter what industry, what size organization, or how mature their project execution approach is, organizations seem to continually struggle to manage their resources effectively.One fundamental problem is that Resource Management in many organizations starts too late and needs to move earlier in the project selection process and to be driven by capability and capacity. There will be organizations – professional services firms are an obvious example – who will claim that Resource Management cannot start that early because their project portfolio is driven by client commitments, but we don’t buy that argument.In this webinar, author and expert speaker Andy Jordan will discuss how Resource Management can be improved with better planning, more proactive management, increased resource agility, and practical ways to make it happen in your organizational culture.

59 minutes

Regent Systems Inc.: A Professional Services Automation (PSA) Case Study

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Learn how Regent Systems Inc. selected and uses Tenrox Time and Billing to reduce overhead and accelerate payroll for overall cost savings. Carla Jones will discuss how Regent has also used Tenrox to capture accurate information to ensure DCAA compliance. There will also be a short overview and demo covering Tenrox during the webinar.

59 minutes

Overcoming the Five Biggest Barriers to Effective Resource Management

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Recent research makes it clear that while the professional and consulting services industry has invested in process improvements to enhance project performance, quality and cost of delivery, the industry is actually getting worse at Resource Management (RM)! Given that your labor cost in services is your single biggest cost element, these trends most be reversed for any professional or consulting services organization to be successful. In this webinar, Randy Mysliviec, President and CEO and RM pioneer, discusses five key industry barriers to success and how to overcome them to achieve true Just-in-Time Resourcing® – enabling your team to predictably get the Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time.

60 minutes

Improve Project Control and Delivery with Automated Project Financials

In this webinar, you will learn how you can improve project control and delivery with Tenrox PSA Project Financials. It’s a simple, workflow-driven tool to automate your entire cost, chargeback and budgeting processes so you don’t have to worry about financials but more importantly, focus on delivering your projects on time.

47 minutes

Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Automation – Drive Accountability, Increase Profitability and Enhance Efficiency

View this webinar for an exclusive look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP and SharePoint and how they integrate with our Tenrox Professional Services Automation solution.Learn how this end-to-end solution is improving processes, productivity and increasing profits for professional services organizations.This tailored webinar focuses on the productivity gains and enhanced analytics available to the following departments: Sales, Operations, Client Services and Finance.

58 minutes

Winning in the New Services World – Insights Gained From the 2014 PSVillage Benchmark Study

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The improving economy, the new way in which services are being bought, and other trends were clearly reflected in the recent PSVillage Professional Services Benchmark Study. But, some of the results, particularly around PSA usage, shifting delivery models and salary increases, have a significant importance on Professional Services organizations today.View this webinar as Brian Sommer, President of Vital Analysis, reviews some of the most important findings from the 2014 PSVillage Professional Services Benchmark study and the implications of these findings on PS organizations.

 60 minutes

Managing resources and Schedules Across the Entire Organization and Beyond

View this webinar to find out how the Tenrox Resource Management solution can help you manage resources across your entire organization, and beyond. By adapting to the way you do business, the Resource Management Module is a powerful yet simple web-based resource management and scheduling tool for globally dispersed team members. View powerful color coded reporting and OLAP analytics to quickly identify and resolve scheduling conflicts, project overlaps, resource overloads and more.

During this webinar we also discuss:

  • Who would benefit from implementing a resource management and scheduling software?
  • How to facilitate the management of projects and team members in geographically dispersed locations or with multiple talent sources: centralized, remote and external.
  • Using the Tenrox Professional Services Automation (PSA) Solution and it’s Resource Management Module to create powerful color coded reporting and powerful OLAP analytics for real-time visibility

59 minutes

Reduce Costs and Accelerate Project Billing with the NEW

View this webinar to find out how the NEW Project & Billing Edition helps you gain real-time visibility into your project cost and revenue, manage your projects and resources, reduce project execution costs, accelerate and increase project billing.

During this webinar, you will discover how Project & Billing Edition can help you manage:

  • Your portfolios and projects from initiation, to execution, to chargeback, to close
  • Billable projects and employee-related expenditures
  • Project visibility, workforce productivity and operational effectiveness
  • Real-time communication and decision-making

61 minutes

Manage Services Projects with Real-Time Visibility with the New Tenrox PSA Solution

View this webinar to learn the benefits of implementing a Professional Services Automation solution with configurable cost and billing rules and certified integrations to leading accounting, payroll, financial, CRM, and project management systems.With the right PSA solution, you can manage your globally dispersed customers, projects and teams regardless of their time zone or physical location, eliminating the spreadsheets and custom-built applications enterprises use to fill the gaps caused by disconnected, inadequate systems. In this webinar, we also discuss how the all new Tenrox PSA solution can help you automate project initiation, resource management, time and expense reporting, billing and invoicing, reporting and analytics to empower your project workforce locally and provide visibility globally.

58 minutes

The Need for Metrics: The Key Metrics for PSOs in a SaaS and On-Premise Model

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Much has been written about services metrics and KPIs, but do you know the essential metrics that you should track? How do these metrics differ between SaaS and non-SaaS organizations? How do they differ between sizes of organizations and between public vs. private organizations?View this webinar to hear as Joe Longo, VP PSO at Serus Corp, and Board Member for PSVillage, Elizabeth Harr, Partner, Hinge Marketing, and Marlon Arevian, Sr. Solution Consultant for Tenrox (an Upland product) discuss the Metrics that Matter for Services Organizations.

61 minutes

Driving Service Transformation with a Professional Services Automation Solution

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There has been a growing momentum within technology companies, to better define and execute services as a strategic element of their growth plans. It has become critical to address the key transformational needs for Professional Services to support those strategic directions. Growing services revenues and margins, innovation in services, and growing product sales are all part of the transformational wave occurring right now. View this webinar recording to hear Randy Mysliviec, CEO, RTM Consulting and Marlon Arevian, Sr. Solution Consultant for Tenrox (an Upland product), discuss the key areas of transformational focus and how adopting an information-based approach through PSA will help accelerate the rate and pace of transformational success. We will also look at the benefits of using a PSA tool to help you make the best deployment decisions possible for your clients and your company.

57 minutes

Manage Services Projects with Real-Time Visibility from Bid to Billing

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With the right PSA solution, you can manage your globally dispersed customers, projects and teams regardless of their time zone or physical location, eliminating the spreadsheets and custom-built applications enterprises use to fill the gaps caused by disconnected, inadequate systems. This webinar discusses the benefits of implementing a Professional Services Automation solution with configurable cost and billing rules and certified integrations to leading accounting, payroll, financial, CRM, and project management systems.

57 minutes

Time is Money: How a Timesheet System Can Help you Spend it Wisely

View this webinar to learn about how a cloud time tracking solution can help organizations reduce costs and accelerate project billing.  You will learn how to gain real-time visibility into your project cost and revenue; manage your projects and resources; reduce project execution costs; and accelerate and increase project billing.You will also hear from Harvest Eichling at the Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit organization, who will explain how Tenrox’s solution helped them cut their time spent on data input by 75%, as well as experience a substantial improvement in data analysis.

57 minutes

Transforming Your Project Managers into Leaders

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Listen in as Joe Longo, VP for PSVillage and Michael Calkins, Senior Director at Teracore Inc, discuss the importance of developing leadership skills for Project Managers.Employees and team members are constantly seeking greater responsibilities. Studies have shown that when leaders address these needs, attrition can be reduced by up to 60%. Project Managers are vital in this endeavor but are not always aware of techniques to empower their people. In this program, we’ll present techniques that you can adopt to improve your leadership skills and thereby improve your management effectiveness.

60 minutes

3 High-Impact Strategies to Increase Services Sales Within Your Existing Client Base

Join us as Michael McLaughlin, Principal with MindShare Consulting, and Joe Longo, VP for PSVillage, share with you best practices for increasing services sales within your installed base. Conventional wisdom holds that selling services to existing clients is easier than selling to new ones. Unfortunately, that “wisdom” isn’t always true. It’s often more challenging to sell to existing clients than to new ones. That’s especially true for the clients you know the best. In this program, we discuss three low-cost strategies that you can implement immediately so as to help increase services sales from existing clients.

64 minutes

Right Person, Right Place, Right Time Making Resource Management Work 

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Join Randy Mysliviec, CEO, RTM Consulting and Marlon Arevian, Sr. Solution Consultant, PowerSteering Software, as they discuss how to tackle human capital management more efficiently. They will review the issues with how every technology company is challenged with the increasing complexity in delivering the services needed to make their product business successful. And with more focus than ever on leveraging services to grow revenues and delivering end-to-end solutions, efficient management of human capital is mission critical.

60 minutes

Best Practices for Maximizing the ROI of your Professional Services Automation Solution 

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Join Joe Longo, VP of Consulting at MetricStream and Marlon Arevian, Sr. Solution Consultant at PowerSteering Software to discuss five best practices around maximizing the ROI of your Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution. Applying these valuable lessons will ensure that your investment in a PSA is based on solid ground.

60 minutes

Project Management from Sales to Services – Best Practices for Complete Visibility from CRM to Project Management Systems

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During this webinar you will learn how CRM and project management software can integrate and exchange information to provide sales and project teams with instant visibility into project status, pipeline, cost, budget, and billing information.

62 minutes

Enjoy Happy Savings with by Tenrox cloud software helps reduce costs and accelerate project billing. This webcast demonstrates how Project & Billing Edition helps you gain real-time visibility into your project cost and revenue; manage your projects and resources; reduce project execution costs; accelerate and increase project billing.

57 minutes

The Butterfly Effect in Project Management – How to Make Disciplined Decisions in Project-based Organizations 

Project-based organizations are investing substantial resources to automate project and service delivery, budget tracking and billing. Remarkably, little investment is made to ensure that the organization is effectively managing project decisions, project demand and capacity planning. During this webcast, Rudolf Melik, former CEO, Tenrox explores how the outcome might be different if the management team proactively establishes and communicates formalized decision making processes and best practices based on validated current and historical project status information.

30 minutes

Unfossilize your Project Management with Tenrox Cloud PPM

“Our corporate mandate is to use Dino-PPM; I am stuck with it and cannot do much about it.”…a statement we often hear when we meet PPM users at conferences and tradeshows.

59 minutes

Emerging Technologies and their Impact on the Professional Services Sector

Brian Sommer, Technology Industry Expert, TechVentive, discusses the implications of the changes in technology, which technologies to adopt and how service firms can improve their operations when workers are more interconnected to each other and to third parties.

64 minutes

Just Enough PPM

Gartner’s Daniel Stang shares his perspective on successful PPM adoption in your project-driven organization

67 minutes Quick Connect Technology

Advanced Integration With New Levels of Visibility & Synchronization

45 minutes

Tenrox Cloud-based PSA

Reduce Project Execution Costs, Improve Forecasting & Resource Utilization & Increase Project Billing.

58 minutes

Implementing Project-Based Solutions in the Cloud

40 minutes and Tenrox

Connecting your Salesforce and Project Delivery Teams.

45 minutes

Professional Services Forecasting

66 minutes

Packaged Services Success

Leveraging Automation to meet the Rising Demand for Productized Professional Services.

66 minutes

“We already have a process – Why doesn’t it work?”

64 minutes

Projects in 2010 – Next Generation Project Management

65 minutes

Sales and Service Can’t We All Just Get Along?

-The Client Relationship Pillar: CRM and PSA Integration Drive Performance.

59 minutes

Tenrox Project Workforce Management and the Microsoft “Technology Stack”

53 minutes and Tenrox 

Connect your Sales Force and Project Delivery Teams.

38 minutes

Practical Resource Management by Gartner and Tenrox

A top-down, bottom-up approach for increasing project results.

60 minutes

Microsoft CRM and Tenrox

Connect your Sales Force and Project Delivery Teams.

40 minutes

Managing Resource Demand in Today’s Economy

 An In-Depth Discussion on How to Evaluate Demand and Allocate the Right Resources at the Right Time.

59 minutes

Tenrox Integrations Series – Part 1

Integrating Accounting & Project Management Systems.

43 minutes

Capacity Planning for Project-Based Organizations 

How to Optimize Resource Utilization for your Global, Decentralized and Dispersed Workforce.

59 minutes

On-Demand Project Workforce Analytics

43 minutes

Just-in-Time Resourcing, Part 2 

Managing the Resource Pool.

60 minutes

Investing in Project-Based Solutions to Weather the Current Economic Climate 

How Project-Based Solutions Create Value During Economic Uncertainty.

55 minutes

Just-in-Time Resourcing, Part 1 

Managing the Demand Forecast.

65 minutes

Web-based Project Management for Your Dispersed Customers, Projects and Teams

42 minutes

Introducing Tenrox Project Workforce Management – Release 10

55 minutes

Looking for a Solution to Automate Revenue Recognition?

542 minutes

Revenue Assurance Reporting Techniques:

Using Tenrox and Pariveda to Achieve Operational Excellence.

43 minutes

Project Workforce Management for

Project Workforce Management meets CRM.

49 minutes

Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Automation

Drive Accountability, Increase Profitability and Enhance Efficiency.

53 minutes

Microsoft CRM and Tenrox Project Workforce Management

Connect your sales force and project delivery teams.

54 minutes

Help Me, Help You!

Teams & Tools – It Takes Two For Effective Project Delivery.

27 minutes

On-Demand vs. On-Premise

Why 90% of New Clients Prefer On-Demand.

47 minutes

Workforce Planning

A Proactive Approach to Managing Company Growth.

36 minutes

Stay Connected with the Disconnected 

Time & Expense Tracking for the Mobile Project Workforce.

64 minutes

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